Privacy Policy

We are committed to informing you of your privacy rights and to delivering a safe and secure environment for users. What we do with the personal data you give us on our website is described in this Privacy Statement. This Privacy Policy expressly grants you permission to access and use our website as described in this Privacy Policy, without limitation or qualification. Since it affects your legal rights and responsibilities, please read this Policy thoroughly. Use of this website is strictly prohibited if you object to how personal information is gathered and processed.

Information that has been gathered.

When you visit and use our website, we collect various information about you, including personal information, demographic data, usage patterns, and other non-direct information. Third-party systems like Google Analytics are sometimes used to collect a mix of this type of data.

If someone can identify you or another individual based on the information you provide, the information is considered personal information. Only if you contact us will we have access to this data. Such information includes your name, address, phone number(s), and email address. We only get to know about you when you contact us about something on our websites, like an article or something else.

Demographic information is data that may or may not be specific to you, depending on the demographic qualities it correlates to. In addition to zip code and phone number(s), this information may include birth date and gender; income range; education and marital status; occupation; industry of work; personal and online hobbies; zip code; and phone number(s). If we have surveys or contests on our website, this data may be obtained through them.

Depending on how it's used, demographic information can be unique to you or associated with someone else. Information such as zip code, phone number(s) (including mobile number(s) and carriers), date-of-birth and gender, income range, educational background and marital status (if applicable), and occupation (including industry) are examples. Surveys and contests on our website are good places to get this information.

Personal, demographic, behavioural, and indirect information collected from a third party is third-party information.

When you visit our website, we automatically collect web technology information from you. Cookies, Web beacons, and JavaScript all fall under this category.

Children were not surveyed in any way. We will never knowingly gather personal information about children under the age of 13 without their express consent. Our database will be cleaned up immediately if we realise, we have collected the Personal Information of a child under the age of 13. Because it isn't collected, we can't use or disclose this information to others. Our website complies with the requirements of the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

What We Do with the Information We Gather

Depending on your relationship with us, the purposes we collect and personal process data about our clients may differ. We may, for example, use the information you provide to us in the following ways:

  • Verifies and identifies your identity;
  • Make that all information obtained is accurate.
  • To analyse the insurance risks, we are taking on during any changes or renewals to your insurance coverage, we mustreview, underwrite, and price your applicationto identify and verify your ability to pay for the financial and insurance goods you are applying for,
  • Proper administration of our products and services, including investigation, evaluation and creation of new accounts; and
  • Inform you about policy updates and changes through communicating with you;
  • Keep providing you with services and responding to your enquiries or requests;
  • The act of receiving or making money;
  • Recoup any money owed to us;
  • Identify fraudulent or other inappropriate conduct, investigate and prevent them;
  • Quality assurance personnel and coaches;
  • All legal and regulatory requirements must be met, including disclosures to judicial, regulatory and government agencies and industry entities in and outside Singapore.
  • Take care of complaints and requests for access to or correction of personal data
  • Compile statistics to help design and enhance products and services or participate in industry exercises and studies; xiv. monitor compliance; xv. perform audit reviews
  • Assist us in determining what our customers' current and future demands are by conducting surveys and other types of market research and analysis;
  • Take advantage of HealthKit to track your health and wellness activities, but do not use or share this information with third parties to provide ads. xvii.
  • Undertake any activities and processes linked to products or services, including but not limited to marketing, auditing, report writing, analysis and reinsurance, as well as general servicing and upkeep of online and other services.
  • To design, advertise, upgrade, and advance our financial goods and services, we must do the following:
  • Do not call registry checks, as well as internal do-not-call registry checks;
  • We must comply with all contractual and other obligations and arrangements made with local or foreign regulators, governmental authorities, or industry recognised bodies (whether in Singapore or elsewhere) that we or any member of our group of companies are required to fulfil because of our financial, commercial, business, or other operations in or related to the jurisdiction of the relevant local or foreign regulators, governmental bodies, or industry recognised organisations.
  • If you need to use data and information for operational purposes (including, but not limited to, assessing creditworthiness or evaluating the overall relationship with our group of companies), you may use it to comply with any legal obligations, Policy or procedure requiring the use of data and information within our group of companies, or to use data and information by any group-wide privacy regulation.
  • Assume all of our obligations arising from the provision of insurance and financial services to you;

To allow our rights or business to be assigned, transferred, participated in, or sub participated in by an actual or planned assignee, participant, participant, or sub participant;promote the sale of insurance and other financial products when deemed approved to specifically or

Other reasons include those explicitly indicated in any individual product or service that we provide or those authorised or required by law or the proper authorities, including xxvi.

Objectives in Marketing:

When you fill out a form on our website, we use the information you supply to determine how interested you are in the content. For "Sponsored Content," we'll use the information you provide to see whether you made any purchases from the sponsor. It's possible we'll use the information you give us for other purposes like providing interactive features on our websites, such as reviews and comments. We may also use the information we collect to learn about your preferences for certain types of service or advertising. It might also be used to find out which articles or features are the most popular.

In some cases, we may offer you information about third-party products and services based on the information we gather through "Sponsored Content." A third-party service partner or we will take care of this.

It's all about the people here. Information we gather is also used to improve the functioning of our website, advertising on our website, customer service and marketing activities. It is also used for marketing and advertising research and analysis and other business operations as needed to be carried out.

Following the set of rules and regulations forward by the Government, we use the data we collect to keep an eye out for fraud and theft and to prevent it from happening in the first place. We also use this information to keep our website and business safe and secure.

Third-party Access to Information

We share your information with third parties worldwide, including personal, demographic, behavioural, and other types of information.

Product and Service Delivery for Sponsored Content

We share your information with third parties who help us provide you with the Sponsored Content sites' products and services.

The adaptability of a website to different users

The organisations and individuals we employ to provide technical services have access to your information. Companies that host our website and provide data analysis and marketing assistance are third-party service providers. They also handle credit card payments and provide customer service.

Other people's goods and services

Those third parties may use your personal information to make opportunities, products or services available to you. This includes both personal and non-personal information and your preferences and interests so that they can determine whether or not you are interested in their products or services.

The source of information is obscured. For the benefit of third parties, we aggregate anonymous information about you and other visitors to our website to better understand the types of individuals who use it. This includes both demographic and behavioural data.

The course of action in a legal case

To abide by legal process, to agree to legal requirements or abide by legal process, to protect our rights or property, or the rights or property of our affiliated companies; (c) to prevent a crime or to protect national security, we may disclose your information if required to do so by law or if we believe in good faith that disclosing this information is necessary.

Consolidation or expansion by purchase

Any third party who acquires all or part of our business, whether through a combination, merger or the acquisition of all or substantially all of our assets, will get your information as part of such transaction. In the event of our voluntary or involuntary insolvency, we, or our liquidator, administrator, receiver, or administrative receiver, may sell, licence, or otherwise dispose of such information in a transaction allowed by the court.

Information Gathering and Use in Technology

This website, together with our service providers, gather and analyse data using cookies. We can tell how you found us by looking at the information stored in our cookies and the sites you visited while you were here. As part of our ongoing effort to make our marketing and website better, we employ cookies. A small data file that is stored on your computer by your web browser is called cookie. Our cookies allow our service providers to recognise you when you visit our website because of an identification number in the cookie. Web browsers let you choose whether or not to accept cookies. However, if you disable cookies, you won't be able to purchase on our website.

Beacons on the Internet

We use "web beacons" (also known as pixel tags or clear gifs) on internet pages, emails, adverts, and other marketing communications for our vendors or us to see if you've done certain things. The web beacon notifies our provider or us when you access a particular page, open an email, or click advertising. We analyse the information to see how effective our marketing is and how well our website is performing.

Analytical software such as Google Analytics is used. Google Analytics is a tool that we use on our website. When people visit our website, Google learns a lot about their browsing and purchase habits from the data they provide through Google Analytics. Some of these services may be provided with the help of data collected from our cookies and those of third parties. There are a variety of ways to opt-out of Google Analytics. Learn more here.

Promotion by an Unaffiliated Third Party

We may use third-party advertising companies to display your advertisements based on the technical information we've collected. These commercials may be from a third party or us. Therefore, when you visit our website, we allow third-party organisations to collect information about you and use that information to serve or send you adverts for goods and services. When we use these technologies, the information we learn about you may be combined with other information about you.

Don't follow the signals if you can help it. Browser "do not track" we currently ignore signs.

The Safety of Your Personal Data

We go to exceptional heights to keep your data safe. Your personal information is protected both online and offline when you provide it to us. We have security policies to guard against the loss, misuse, and alterations of personal information under our control. We maintain a secure physical environment for the servers on which we store your data. Firewalls of the highest grade protect the servers. All of these servers are password-protected, and only a small number of people have permission to use them at any given time.

We now use Secure Socket Layer software to encrypt data and ensure secure transactions ("SSL"). Our technological attempts to protect your personal information are reasonable, but no data transfer over the Internet can be guaranteed as entirely secure; as a result, we cannot and do not represent that your information is quite sure. This website is for informational purposes only, and you agree to take full responsibility for any data you transmit to us or through it. On the other hand, access to your information is strictly controlled and not made available to the public.

Privacy policies have been updated

Any significant changes to this Privacy Policy will be announced on this page. It is our Policy to put a prominent notice on the website when we make significant changes to how and to whom we disclose the information we collect.

Use of Your Information Collected by a Third Party

On our website, third parties collect and use your personal information in the following ways: Advertisers' use of cookies and web beacons Advertisers, ad networks, and other parties may use their cookies, web beacons, and other technology to collect information about you when you visit our website or use the Internet. It is beyond our control, and we assume no responsibility if this technology is used to collect information about you—content and Links from Sponsored Sources. Hypertext links on our website go to other domains.

We aren't usually the ones that handle any other website's privacy practices or content. These links have been provided just as a courtesy and as a resource for you. Sponsored Content may contain links to the websites of advertisers that place adverts with us. The terms and conditions that govern the collection and use of your information will vary depending on any website you visit. The terms and conditions of that website may differ from those on our site. Included links do not imply sponsorship of the website's services, content, or the sponsoring organisation.

It's important to note that this website is not affiliated with any financial institution or insurance programme. We find the best options for you based on your present needs and future goals.